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January 25, 2014

Premium IDEA 3G Trick based on Dhingana VPN Config | 2014

Premium IDEA 3G Trick 2014

Hello King Hacker World’s Members.
Today we are back with a bang trick of Idea 3G Operator. After a long time we have found a working idea trick for you guys. This trick is confirmed working in all over India.
  • The name of this trick is Idea Dhingana Trick.

Recently Idea has launched Dhingana site for unlimited music, so here we have made some config according to this.

We have first shared this trick with our Premium Members of King Hacker World. They have confirmed that this trick is perfectly working in their respective states. The working state names are provided below the post.

After IDEA BBM Tricks tremendous response, we have made a premium proxy for this new Idea 3g trick. It will provide you superb high 3g speed in your mobile and PC. After a long time, idea users have got this perfect trick for getting free internet.

  • This is the premium tricks which have no SIM blocking issues. And our premium user has confirmed that there is “No disconnection problem” is found in this trick.

Some of the basic features and requirements of this Idea 3g trick which you will be required when you get started with this trick.

Premium Features of Idea 3g Trick (Dhingana):

  • Confirmed working in all over India with no disconnection issues
  • No Speed capping and SIM blocking issues found in this trick
  • No need of balance, working in zero balance.
  • Unlimited 3G internet.  If 3G is not available in your area, you can still get 2G internet.
  • This idea 3g trick is based on default internet APN (Access Point Name)
  • Downloading is resume supported. HTTP and HTTPS both protocols are supported.
  • You can even download Torrents.

How to start with Idea 3G Trick based on Idea Dhingana Pack:

  • First of all you are required to install NMD VPN in your PC.
  • If you do not have NMD VPN software then visit this: NMD VPN Instruction & Downloads
  • Now NMD VPN is installed in your PC.
  • Download the Premium Configuration file of Idea 3g Trick based on Dhingana Pack (Files are given at below of this Post)
  • After downloading extract the file and Put this file to config folder of NMD VPN.
  • Now connect and enjoy the Unlimited IDEA 3g hack.

Download Idea 3G Trick Premium Config 2014

This IDEA 3g trick is confirmed working in many states of India. Now it’s your turn, use this trick in your area and comment whether this trick is working in your state or not.

January 14, 2014

Vodafone High Speed 3G Hack with Snapshots - Vodafone Tricks 2014

Hello King Hacker Members,
Today i am back with bang...

Vodafone High Speed 3G Hack - Vodafone Tricks 2014


Primary Requirements for getting Vodafone hack:

  • Recharge Vodafone with any SMALL DATA PACK with max Validity (It helps to prevent disconnections on every 40 MB)
  • I prefer 97Rs. 3G Data pack: It consist 300 MB Data to use for 30 days.
  • You can catch your data pack from here.
  • Proxifier latest version: Download from here.
  • Mozilla Firefox latest version:  Download from here.
  • Internet Download Manager: Download from here
  • Little skill for configuration.
After getting through above requirements, now you are required to know the steps of getting High Speed Vodafone 3G hack - Vodafone tricks 2014.

Before starting with the steps i would like to say something about this Vodafone tricks:

This trick is working all over india. We have got 100% positive response from our premium members of king hacker world. As you all know that we always check our trick first by our premium members and then we upload it to the site with the review given by our premium members. But this vodafone 3g hack gets the 100% Positive reviews so today I will not share working state names because it works in all over India.

Steps that you need to follow to run this Vodafone 3g hack 2014:

1. First download and install all required Software and tools.
2. Open Proxifier and go to File > import Profile or press Ctrl+O
  • It will ask to replace current setting click Yes. And open given configuration file VODA premium.ppx
  • "Download link for Premium Config is given at the bottom of the post"



  • Now minimize that Proxifier and open Mozilla Firefox
  • If you already used Mozilla before and have some problem then just reset it: Go to about > support in address bar and click reset Firefox.
  • Click on option>option or run by pressing shortcut key ALT+T+O
  • In General Tab set Homepage:

  • In privacy Tab select Tell sites I do not want to be tracked.


  • In advanced tab 
  • Go to General tab select check box and make Mozilla as default browser


  • In Data Choices Tab uncheck all Boxes (It is important to run vodafone tricks 2014)


  • In Network Tab > Connection > setting select manual proxy and set http proxy to given proxy as here I use and port as 80
  • check use this proxy server for all protocol (This is the important steps in Vodafone high speed 3g hack 2014)


  • In Update Tab select never check for Updates and uncheck below boxes:


  • Now disable the unwanted extensions/Add-Ons and minimize it (not compulsory) 
  • Now open Internet download manager: Click on option that shown on ribbon
  • Go to proxy/socks Click Check box & fill the proxy. (This step is important to get the benefit of Vodafone tricks in IDM)


  • Now go to connections and change Default max connection no to 16.


  • Done with the steps you need to follow to run Vodafone 3G hack.

Steps to access unlimited internet in Vodafone tricks 2014:

  • First open Proxifier and check Voda premium is running or not?
  • Open Mozilla Firefox and check proxy and home page is set or not?
  • Check IDM proxy is properly set or not??
  • If all above process fully set than and then open Mozilla with home page and enter the website address which ever you want to Access in that opened homepage.
  • It is most preferable to not encrypt the URL so download resume support may continue…

"Download Premium Config of Vodafone High Speed 3G Hack"


-: Download from below links :- For the security reasons I have to upload this file to survey sites. As you all know tricks are blocked due to openly shared so we have put this to survey site. I am having one trick which is working at least for me: Whenever you download from survey site "Use browser's default download manager" i.e. if you are downloading from chrome then use chrome download manager. DO NOT DOWNLOAD USING IDM. If you download lots of from survey but if you using IDM then all are waste, your survey will never complete. So do use default download manager of browser.

And one more thing as we are human we can understand if you can't download. So we are giving you a chance: Do any 3 survey, take the snapshot of last step of the survey and send it to us via our facebook page: GSM HACK. We will check it, if found it genuine we will send you the file. So do not hesitate about the survey and lets have chance to it.

Note: I don’t have trust on these proxies so not use for login. I always use tricks for download purpose. I also suggest you to use paid BSNL 139 - 1GB - 3G data for login purpose…
Please don’t ask proxy for particular problem check your problem with new proxy form here.
If new proxy Solve your problem than your luck otherwise leave it.

How to Download from Torrent and other sites using this Vodafone hack:

Important: Do not share this vodafone trick openly in internet otherwise this trick will be blocked too. If you want to share with your friends, mail them. If you have the website or page then upload this to survey site and share the link of that only.

Working State Name:
As we have checked this vodafone 3g hack with our premium member of king hacker world, their response was 100% positive. So this trick is working well in all over India.

Now its your turn, use this trick in your region and share the experience with us. Comment here with the speed you are getting from this vodafone high speed 3g hack.

If you have any doubt...??? Contact us: GSM HACK

More Vodafone working  trick links: 

January 13, 2014

Fastest Airtel 3G Hack Using Proxomitron – January 2014

Hello King Hacker World Members,
Today I am going to share the...

Fastest Airtel 3G Hack Using Proxomitron – January 2014

          As the title of this post says that Fastest Airtel 3G Hack which is working in all over India. This trick is based on TCP protocol and this time we will configure it with Proxomitron.

As you all know we always test the tricks first before posting it to the website. So this trick is also tested by our Premium Member of King Hacker World and they have reviewed that this trick is working awesome in their respective states.  We have also included their state names below of this post.

          After reviewing this Airtel 3g hack and the saying of our moderator that this Airtel 3g hack is built with the strongest config and this will going to work for the long time. According to them this will work till January 2014 ending.

          As we all know recently airtel have tied up with new company and they provide free apps to the users, so this trick is based on that recent free apps provided by Airtel. Our moderator team have worked a lot to develop this airtel 3g hack.

          This is the new host so we guess that Airtel still have not implemented sim blocking in this host.  Our team has downloaded large file using this host and we have yet not found any sim blocking issues in this trick. But for the safety purpose I am suggesting you all that keep frequent disconnection while using this airtel 3g hack, this is the simplest method to avoid sim blocking.

Important: As we always share new and latest tricks on a regular basis, but you all know that in blog "everyone go for new tricks only" and ignore previous tricks. But here I want share some of the previous hacks which are still working in all over India. So you can have look to this working free internet tricks.
Now move on to our latest airtel 3g hack which is based on Proxomitron.

Features of Airtel 3G Tcp Vpn Trick January 2014:

  1. 3G Balance: Make sure you have 3g balance in your sim (It will work if it connect with zero balance)
  2. It is based on fastest TCP protocol
  3. New host file are included based on free apps provided by airtel.
  4. No disconnection and No speed capping problem as this is the new host file.
  5. No Sim blocking issues.
  6. This works on Proximitron Software which we have include in our attachment file.
  7. APN and Proxy address for using this airtel 3g hack is provide in the instruction file in attachment.
  8. Speed is up to 500-600kbps

Download Airtel 3g hack – January 2014

Attachment file includes: [1.Settings and Software, 2.Seting Instruction (with snapshots)]

Snapshot of the Attachment file
  1. Setting & Software: Include Proxomitron software to use this Airtel 3g hack
  2. Setting Instruction: Include step by step guidelines to configure this trick on Proxomitron with snapshots.
  3. Instruction File: Includes APN, Proxy, Port and Free Homepage to use this trick. For the security reasons, we have uploaded this file to survey site. As many of user have queried me to how to download form this survey site. From my personal experience I have one good trick which is atleast work for me.
Whenever you download from sites, use your browsers default download manager. Do now download the software or anything using IDM. As not considered IDM downloads as a download.

As we are human we can also understand your feelings if it not downloading. So we are giving you one chance. Do any 3 survey’s and take the snapshot of last step of every survey. And message it to me on my page ( with time and date. We will cross verify by time that you have tried or not. If we found it genuine we will send this attachment to you directly.

How to configure this Airtel 3g Hack: The guidelines to configure this trick is been attached in attachment file. First read the instruction and then apply this trick.

Working Snapshot

Working States Name:
  • Gujarat (Personally Tested)
  • Maharashtra
  • Pune
  • Delhi
  • Rajasthan 
  • And Many More...
Now its your turn to test and use this trick in your region. Check out and if you have any doubts then comment. After checking the trick do comment whether this trick is working in your state or not. Don't forget to mention your state name and speed you are getting by using this Airtel 3g hack.

If you have any Query and want personally contact with us then Message us on: 

January 11, 2014

Idea BBM Tricks Working in Some States | Idea 3G Hack 2014

Hello King Hacker World Members,
Today I am sharing Idea’s best 3G hack called BBM Hack. It’s now once again working well in some states.

Idea BBM Trick – Idea 3G Hack BACK 2014


It is confirmed working in UP and some other states of India. The working states list are given at the bottom of this post.

Our premium members have been using this trick since 2-3 days. And they have confirmed that its working fine in their respective area.

So Here I am sharing this blasting Idea BBM trick with you all guys.
  • As we all know this very well that Idea has no SIM blocking issue. So it is one of the great benefit which we can’t avail in Airtel 3g trick 2014.

Check out some features of this Idea GPRS Tricks [BBM]

Feature of Idea 3G Hack – BBM – 2014:

  • No speed capping and no SIM blocking issue. (One of the best benefit of Idea 3G Hack)
  • IDM Supported: Even you can download parallel.
  • HTTPS Secured protocol is also supported.
  • You can download torrents file: Torrent supported.
  • YouTube video streaming is possible with no disconnection issues.

How to configure this Idea 3g BBM Tricks 2014:

  • First of all you will have to recharge Idea BBM Pack in your SIM. Rs.99
  • Now you are required to download NMD VPN software or droid VPN if you wish to use it on your mobile.
  • Click here > Tutorial about NMD VPN and its download are provided here:
  • Now download Config file from below download link.

Idea BBM Trick Config File 2014

  • We are sharing this file via Fileice network. As we all know that more and more tricks are being stopped. Reason is only one “Openly Posted”. For that reason only we are not sharing this config file openly.
  • As we are human, we can also understand that survey is not easy. So we are giving you a chance. Take any 3 survey – take snapshot of last step of every survey. Message it to me on my page:
  • I will check it manually with time and date that weather you have did it honestly or not. If I found it genuine I will send you the Config file direct to your mailbox. And remember do wait for my reply, don’t do negative comments. As I get lots of message daily , it is sometime not possible to reply all at a time. But I do my best and reply all of my message. So be patient and wait for my reply.

  • Now after getting the config file, connect it with the NMD VPN or droidVPN on your mobile.
  • It will be connected. If not then do try for 3-4 time, It will definitely get connected.
Working state name:

  • UP
  • UP East
  • Delhi
  • Rajasthan
  • MP
  • Mumbai and many more.

Now it’s your turn. Do check it in your state and comment here with your state name and working speed.
Have fun with rocking Idea BBM Tricks 2014.

Airtel 3G Vpn Tricks for Free Internet | PC and Mobile 2014

Today after a long time, we are back with a bang.

Airtel 3G VPN Tricks For Free Internet | Mobile And PC


King Hacker World is back with super-fast premium Airtel VPN Trick for free internet with NO SIM BLOCKING issue.
  • We have the premium host for this trick which will prevent you from sim blocking.
  • We have cross checked this host from the different states that it works perfect with no sim blocking.

Our premium members of king hacker world are using this airtel 3g trick since a week and they have experienced no issue in it. You can surf and download unlimited. You can even download big files without any risk.

This Airtel trick for free internet working with different APN. No special type of configuration is required. Download our given Airtel 3g config file from below provided link and enjoy Airtel 3g hack.
Check out some basic requirements and how to for this wonderful Airtel 3G VPN Tricks.

Important requirements to start with Airtel 3G Tricks:

  • First of all you must have 3G Enables Airtel SIM.
  • No need of any balance. Maintain Rs 0. 3G Data pack required – do any small 3g recharge to get 3g speed.
  • APN (Access Point Name):
  • Speed: 7.2 Mbps (cross checked with our premium members)

How to use this Airtel Tricks for free internet 2014:

As we are providing this Airtel 3g trick for both Mobile & PC, we have explained steps for both.

Mobile Users (Airtel 3G Trick for Android):

You can use this Airtel trick directly on your android mobile. You just need to follow these simple steps.
  • Download Airtel 3G Config files [Download links are given at bottom of the post]
  • Download Droidvpn application for android device: Download Droidvpn [Playstore direct link]
  • Install Droidvpn application in your device.
  • Now add Airtel 3g config 2014 in Droidvpn
  • Run and Enjoy Airtel unlimited 3g internet for free.

PC Users:

You can use this Airtel Vpn Trick in your computer and laptop. Just follow the given steps.

  • Download the attachment of Airtel 3g Config 2014. [Download links are given at bottom of the post]
  • Install NMD VPN software: 
  • If you do not have NMD VPN software in PC then checks out this link: NMD VPN Tutorial and Download
  • Now NMD VPN is installed in your pc and you have the basic understanding about NMD VPN from above tutorial
  • Put downloaded Airtel 3G Config 2014 here: C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config
  • Remember Windows 7 and Windows 8 users: Run NMD VPN software as the Administrator
  • Now connect it – It will be connected successfully, if not then try again to connect. It will be connected in 2 – 3 attempts
Working Snapshot


- Download Airtel 3G Config 2014 -

NOTE: The above host is tested from our premium members of king hacker world. There is no sim blocking issue found even the use of 20GB at a time.
Working States: (Checked from Premium Members)

  • Gujarat
  • Rajasthan
  • Delhi
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharashtra and Many More

You must try this trick in your state. Comment the name of your state with the working speed.

If you have any Query and want personally contact with us then Message us on: