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September 09, 2013

Vodafone 3g Tcp Vpn Trick | September 2013

Hello King Hacker Members,
Today I am posting

Vodafone 3g Tcp Vpn Trick – Vodafone Tricks 2013


I am getting lots of mail from my website users for posting Vodafone 3G Trick for their respected regions. So here today I am posting this Vodafone 3G Tcp Vpn Trick – September 2013 for them.

As we all know we always check the tricks before posting it on the website so this trick is also checked by out premium members of king hacker world and their positive response was 80%.  We have also included states name where this trick is working 100%, you can check it at the bottom of this post.

In the last post - Vodafone free internet trick – All 21 VPN, we had included all 21 working vpn configs of Vodafone which is still working in most of the states of India. If that Vodafone 3g trick is not working in your area then you can try our new Vodafone 3G Tcp Vpn Trick – September 2013 which is 100% working in all over India.

In many circles we heard that Vodafone 3g has been blocked few days ago and rumors come around that....
  • It is blocked due to heavy usage of data service in their area
  • Vodafone are updating their server in their region
Many many reasons we have heard, but if the second reason is true that "Vodafone is updating their server" then it will be the good luck for the people.

But don’t worry as we know that this vodafone vpn trick will also going to work on 2G networks of Vodafone, so if Vodafone 3G server is updating, then you can get the benefit of unlimited 2G by using this Vodafone 3G Tcp Vpn trick.

Let me start with the Vodafone 3g trick – September 2013. This trick is based on TCP Vpn so it will work on NMD VPN. If you do not have NMD VPN installed in your computer then downloads it from this link:

(Instruction for installation are provided in the attachment)

Features of Vodafone VPN Trick – September 2013:

  • 3G balance: 3G balance is required to get the benefit of 3G speed, but if there is no 3g network in your area, then do not worry this Vodafone tcp trick will work on 2g network also
  • No disconnection and no speed capping problem
  • No sim blocking problems in this Vodafone 3g trick
  • TCP protocol: this Vodafone trick is based on fastest TCP protocol.
  • No registration on any type of server.
  • Blocked sim user can also get the benefit of this trick, but they will only get 2g speed.
  • Speed: 500kbps – 600kbps
  • APN (Access Point Name): www
One of the important advantage of this vodafone tcp trick is your speed will not be capped, you can download as much as you want by using this 3g trick.

Steps to configure Vodafone 3g trick – September 2013:

  • Download the attachment file of Vodafone 3g tcp vpn trick – September 2013

Fileice.net: If you are download from fileice.net surveys remember one thing always use your browser’s default downloading manager. Do not use IDM – Internet Download Manager. If you use IDM to download from fileice.net surveys, your survey will not be verified or complete. So disable IDM on your browser and download it using browser’s default download manager.
  • After downloading, extract the file. You will have vodafone 3g tcp vpn trick config file in the attachment.
  • Copy this all config file and paste it here (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config)
  • Open NMD VPN (Run as Administrator): This is important, if you are not running NMD VPN with administrative previlligie your config will not connect and you will get error.
Snapshot how to run NMD VPN as Administrator
  • Now connect the config, your connection will be established instantly.
  • Do 3-4 times try for connecting, you will be connectes
  • Enjoy the Vodafone unlimited 3G by this Vodafone 3G trick

Vodafone 3G Tcp Vpn Trick working snapshot


Working State Names:
  • Gujarat (Snapshot is from Gujarat State)
  • Maharashtra
  • Rajasthan
  • MP
  • UP
  • Delhi (Some place)
  • Many More...
Now its your turn, use this vodafone 3g trick in your state and comment here whether this trick is working in your region or not.
Important: Mention your state name and Speed in your comment.

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September 06, 2013

Aircel 3g Hack Based On TCP VPN – Aircel Tricks 2013

Hello King Hacker Members,
Today I am posting

Aircel unlimited 3g Hack based on TCP VPN – Aircel Tricks 2013


        Aircel 3g hack is not getting connected therefore today I am updating aircel tricks with the new high speed proxies. You can also alter or change the proxy based on your state. This aircel 3g hack, I analysed today that it is working excellent for me, getting connected every time and giving me an awesome speed.
A number of user insist that earlier published

Premium Members of King Hacker World has tried this trick in their region and their feedback was Positive. I have mentioned working state name at the bottom of this post.

This Aircel tricks working at zero balance in 2g mode. If you want to gain 3G experience you will have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs.1 .

Benefits of Aircel 3g hack based on TCP VPN:

  • No Speed Capping problems: In this Aircel unlimited 3g hack you will not face any speed capping issues as this trick is working with the HMS.
  • Zero Balance: No need of any balance to be connected with this trick. If you want to gain 3g access then only you will have to maintain Rs.1 in your account.
  • HTTPS: Http secured protocol is supported in this Aircel 3g hack. Now you can surf eCommerce website like eBay with this Aircel tricks.
  • IDM Support: You can download the file via IDM with parallel sile supports.
  • Torrents Supports: You can download the torrent file using uTorrent.
  • Pop-ads: No extra pop-ads and no any type of malware sites.

Configure Aircel unlimited 3g hack based on TCP VPN: Aircel tricks 2013:

1. To use this Aircel tricks, TAP drivers must be installed in your windows. For windows 64 bit users, we have included separate drive file with this setup.
2. Now download Aircel 3g Hack based on TCP VPN Default Apn – Aircel Tricks 2013
Download 1          Download 2

APN: aircelgprs
3. Now you will have to register on Kebrum for getting user name and password.
4. Copy that user name and password and paste it to the file pass.txt
5. Download NMD VPN (attachment has include the setup instructions, read it first before installations)
6. Now copy that config folder and paste it to (C:/program file/nmd vpn/config) folder
7. Run NMD VPN (Run with Administrative Privileges, If will not do this your VPN will not be connected to servers)
8. If connection gets failed, try to connect for 2-3 time.
9. You will be connected with this Aircel 3g hack config.
10. Now enjoy Aircel unlimited 3g hack – Aircel tricks 2013

Snapshots of Aircel Unlimited 3g hack using TCP VPN



Working State Names:
  • Gujarat
  • UP East
  • Rajasthan
  • Maharastra
  • Delhi
  • And many more
Now its your turn, use this trick in your area and comment here whether this Aircel 3g hack works in your area or not. Mention your state name and speed which you are getting using this aircel tricks.

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September 04, 2013

Vodafone All 21 VPN Server - Vodafone Free Internet Trick 2013

Hello King Hacker World Members,
Today I am posting

Vodafone’s all 21 New Vpn Server – Vodafone Free Internet Trick 2013


This is the first time on internet that all Vodafone vpn config servers are shared. We are here to share this all config (21 Vpn config) with the members of king hacker world.

        Here we are presenting all Vodafone vpn servers (21 VPN) with new IP. This vpn server working all over india, we have confirmed with our premium members of king hacker world that this Vodafone trick is 100% working in their respective area.
        We have also modified this vpn so that you can not face the disconnection problem in this vpn. You will get high browsing speed as well as high downloading speed in IDM. Many members of king hacker world were asking about torrents downloading was not possible in VPN trick, we have the solution for this and the solution is

Feature of Vodafone free internet trick with new 21 VPN:

  • You can use it with your 3g balance (You will get the 3g speed in this vodafone free internet trick)
  • There is no disconnection problem in this Vodafone trick.
  • No speed capping and No sim blocking (Our members have downloaded a big size of File and they have not yet face any Speed Capping or Sim Blocking problem)
  • This Vodafone trick can work on blocked sim also. (If you have the blocked Vodafone sim, you can still use this Vodafone trick)
  • There is not any type of registration required in this Vodafone free internet trick.
APN (Access Point Name): www or portalnmms (Min 2Rs.)

Steps to configure Vodafone free internet trick:

1. Download the attachment file of Vodafone new 21 vpn server – Vodafone tricks 2013
Snapshots of all 21 Vodafone config for Free Internet

2. Install NMD VPN: If you do not have NMD VPN installed in your system, download it from here: Download NMD VPN (Steps to how to install and configure are given in the file)
3. Now put the downloaded 21 VPN Config to (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config)
4. Now run the NMD VPN Software with administrative privileges.
5. You will see 21 VPN Config
6. Now connect one by one and check which is working for your state.
7. After connecting, comment here which config file works for your state with downloading speed.
8. Enjoy.

Working State Name:
This trick is working all over India confirmed by our PREMIUM MEMBERS

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