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August 22, 2013

Free Internet On Airtel Based On TCP 443 With Working Snapshots

Hello King Hacker World fans,
Today we are back with

Free Internet on Airtel based on TCP 443 - Free Airtel Trick

        As you all know VPN is much much better than using proxies. This free airtel trick is tested in some of the states and working status is 50-50%. Working state names are also provided at bottom of this post.
        This free Airtel trick is based on TCP 443 protocol and having Kebrum VPN. As we all know that TCP protocol is opened, Kebrum VPNs are again in work. Remember VPN TCP-443 having a low speed as compare to UDP tricks. But it will have a good speed as we tested in various states so you can enjoy free internet on airtel.


Features of Kebrum VPN for free internet on Airtel:

  • APN (Access Point Name): airtelgprs.com
  • Blocked Sims: You can take the advantage of free internet on airtel blocked sim
  • Kebrum: You will have to register in Kebrum.
  • TCP: This airtel 3g trick trick is based on TCP protocol will have less speed compare to UDP tricks.
  • TCP open: This trick is working where the TCP protocol is opened.
  • Android Device: Android users can use this trick in their mobile by Feat VPN (You can visit this tutorial to use this trick in your android device: How to use VPN on Android )
  • IDM: Parallel download supported
  • HTTS: HTTP Secured is supported in this airtel 3g trick
  • Remember: Try this trick in low balance

Configure Free Airtel trick based on TCP 443 Protocol:

First, you are required to register on Kebrum for your ID and Password for getting good speed. But here I have already given a kebrum account in the attachment so that you can directly use it in this airtel 3g trick. If you want to use yours, then replace it with your username and password.

Download the Airtel Config files from below download link

  1. There are two config files are provided in this attachment, you can try alternate.
  2. Now extract the config file in a folder.
  3. You are required to install NMD VPN in your computer, if you don’t have download it from here : Download NMD VPN (Instruction for installation are given in the attachment)
  4. Now after installation, you just go to C:/Program Files/NMDVPN
  5. You will see config folder, delete it and paste your downloaded config files.
  6. Now just open the NMDVPN software and run it with the administrator priviligies.
  7. It will initiate the VPN tunnelling and will connect instantly.

Snapshots of Free Internet On Airtel using this Airtel 3g trick




Working State Names:
  • UP East (100% working)
  • Delhi
  • Gujarat
  • Maharashtra and many more.

Important Notice: There are chances of speed capped, so do not exceed the limit.  
         As we all know this free airtel trick is based on locations, so it will not work everywhere. If you face any problems regarding connection or having trouble in connecting VPN than do comment here, we will solve it as soon as possible.
          And one important notice to you that after trying this airtel 3g trick, comment here if this work for you or not with your state name and the speed you are getting.

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