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September 23, 2012

Free calling application 2012- 500 free minutes to call any number

Free Calling application 2012 - 500 Free minutes on every phone

Today, I found a new working application for Free calling 2012 in any number. 500 free calling minutes.

Crowdcall - " More than One Million Calls a month are made with CrowdCall "

Free Calling application 2012
Free calling Application 2012
-: Procedure how to use free calling application Crowdcall 2012 :-
1. You have to download Crowdcall free calling Application 2012. Application is available in TWO Market : Download free calling Application 2012

IphoneApp StoreAndroid - Google Play

2. After Downloading Crowdcall free calling application, you have to make registration. Its a simple process : Provide email id and the password and then one confirmation click from the provided email address. You are registered to use Free calling 2012.

3. Now go to the application and do login with the registered email id and password.
That's sheet...

Now you can see your free calling balance in your accounts. It will be of 500 free minutes.

* There is one condition from the crowdcall that you only make 5 free calls per Day but dont worry u can talk as much minutes as you want, there is no limit on it except 500 free calling Minutes.

Now the important thing is what to do after the free calling 500 free calling Minutes gets over.
Simple - Make a new registration with different email id and login from it you will get another free calling 500 minutes.

So enjoy free calling like me ;)

Official website of Crowdcall free calling 2012 - www.crowdcall.me

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