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March 12, 2012

Airtel 3G hacking with 4Mbps speed. Best Airtel hack of 2012

Today I have found one of the best Airtel 3G hack.

It's called the Best hack of Airtel because it's givinig speed of 4Mbps i.e. 400KBps and more.

I am having the proof of the speed that it is woking in my pc.
Snapshot of Airtel 3g Hack 2012 is attached with this article.

Airtel working hack proxy 2012
Click on PIC to Enlarge it )

Here I will not share and explain this Airtel Hack because some people are doing "Copy Paste" of it in their blog, website and then this trick will gonna be banned. So if you people want this Airtel 3G hack then you have to message me your name and Name of your state. I will send this trick to you people.

You have to use Facebook for "messaging". 
Just visit my page 

There you can see “message” option. Click on it and message your name and name of the state where u living.

Best airtel hack proxy
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In above pic you can see the “message” option below the page cover. If you can’t see this, means you still have not liked my page. 1st do “LIKE” the page and then you can see the above "message" option.

Do Remember one thing do message only that page’s message option, don’t try to send me "message" on my "personal fb account" otherwise I will not send the trick to you.

And yeh..! after using this Airtel 3G Hack 2012 , I can say that this is one of the best airtel hack 2012 which I have used my self. So be happy my visitors you are visiting a great sites with the great hacks and obvious I am here to help you people and make you aware with new and new hacks.

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  5. Hi
    I am using Airtel broadband 2mbps night unlimited plan,
    Can you please send how to hack it for 4mbps..
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