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June 29, 2011

FIND your VODAFONE prepade NUMBER (Easyly)


We all know about the method of how to find the prepaid number of docomo or reliance or other telecom companies

But anyone knows how to find vodafone prepaid number...? Its easy and working in all over India.

Lets see how to find.

1) You must have a Vodafone prepaid SIM-CARD of  your regional state or any state in India.

2) You must have some positive balance like around 1 Rs or in paisa . Not in negative

3) Now do a sms  that 

ACT VL to 144 for Vodafone Prepaid Users  ( For all over India leaving Mumbai and Kolkata )

For Mumbai And Kolkata  vodafone prepaid users  send sms   ACT VLZERO to 111 

This is a toll free number for vodafone. So don't worry. It won't charge you.

I know that it is for Vodafone Live (to get GPRS settings )  SMS.

But Now for prepaid users  Vodafone Live is pre-activated in all over India.

So when you do this SMS, you will get 2 SMS as a reply from Vodafone.

that are

1st SMS is like from vodafone

null: 91xxxxxxxxxx
where xxxxxxxxxx is your Vodafone prepaid number.

And another second one SMS is that

"Vodafone Live Service is already active on your phone."

If in any Vodafone prepaid this Vodafone live service is not activated then you can first activate by doing this SMS. Then after successful activation again send this same message so it can show your Vodafone prepaid number.

100% working in Vodafone prepaid in all over India.

Don't tried for Postpaid.

So you can try this method. Reply.

Thank You.

June 28, 2011



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download Ovi Store apps to computer,
which can be later transferred to your Nokia phone. Just follow this article thoroughly.

What you need to use:

    * Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10 or earlier.
    * PC running Windows OS.
    * Nokia Multimedia phone.
    * Nokia account.

How to download Nokia Ovi store application to PC:

    * Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Tools >> Add-ons.
    * Click on Get Add-ons tab and search for User Agent Switcher.
    * Install User Agent Switcher and restart Firefox.
    * Open Notepad and paste the following codes:

Code: [Select]
<useragentswitcher><useragent description=”Internet Explorer 7 (Windows Vista)” useragent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)” appcodename=”” appname=”Microsoft Internet Explorer” appversion=”4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)”platform=”Win32? vendor=”” vendorsub=””/><useragent description=”Netscape 4.8 (Windows Vista)” useragent=”Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 6.0; U)” appcodename=”” appname=”Netscape” appversion=”4.8 [en] (Windows NT 6.0; U)” platform=”Win32? vendor=”” vendorsub=””/><useragent description=”Opera 9.25 (Windows Vista)” useragent=”Opera/9.25 (Windows NT 6.0; U; en)” appcodename=”” appname=”Opera” appversion=”9.25 (Windows NT 6.0; U; en)” platform=”Win32? vendor=”” vendorsub=””/><useragent description=”Nokia 5230? useragent=”Mozilla/5.0 (SymbianOS/9.4; U; Series60/5.0 Nokia5230/10.0.067; Profile/MIDP-2.1 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 ) AppleWebKit/413 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/413? appcodename=”” appname=”” appversion=”” platform=”” vendor=”” vendorsub=””/></useragentswitcher>

* If you are not using Nokia 5230, Replace all 5230 in the above code with the model number of your phone, like N97 for Nokia N97, or E71 for Nokia E71, and so on.
    * Save this file with .xml extension.
    * Now open Firefox and go to Tools >> Default User Agent >> Edit User Agents.
    * Click on Import.
    * Browse and add the above mentioned .xml file.
    * Now go to Tools >> Default User Agent and select your phone’s model number.
    * Open http://store.ovi.mobi/.

Now, on your Nokia phone, Firefox will work as the default browser, and you can download any Ovi Store file on your PC, and then transfer them to your phone via USB cable or Bluetooth.

For your notification: Once you complete downloading Ovi Store applications, change user agent back to default user agent, by going to Tools >> Default User Agent >> Default User Agent.

If not, Firefox will keep behaving like your mobile phone’s browser.

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By Default, XP reserves 20% of your bandwidth for it’s own use. This is a crying shame and should be undone immediately. To do this, you will not require any additional software, just follow the steps below.
Access the Group Policy Editor. This can be done by typing gpedit.msc in the Run box (Start, and then Run). You will now be looking at something like this.

Navigate to Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Network/QOS Packet Scheduler using the pane on the left side.
In the left pane, there should be a Setting with the name Limit reservable bandwidth, right-click this and select properties.
Now this might seem a bit weird, as the State will say “Not Configured” but Windows by default will reserve 20%. So the trick is to set it to reserve 0%. You can do this by clicking enabled and then setting the Bandwidth Limit % to 0. It should look like the image below.

Hit OK then close the Group Policy Editor.
That’s it! You’re done with the first tweak. Just a quick side note here, there are lots of other little things you can change easily using the policy editor. Feel free to wander around!
Tweak 2: Optimizing TCP/IP settings
This next tweak is going to require a piece of freeware called SG TCP Optimizer. This nifty little utility will optimize the manner in which your PC sends and receives data packets, which will as a result speed up your connection. Though It is most effective for broadband connections, it works for just about any type of connection.
 Download SG TCP Optimizer. You don’t need to install it, just double-click and it will run. Once you run it, you should be looking at this :

That is quite an intimidating interface, but we won’t be touching most of it. Under the General Settings tab, just drag the slider to match your connection’s download speed. Then, at the bottom of the same window, select the “Optimal Settings” radio button and click “Apply Changes”.
You will now be looking at a window like the one below.

Make sure that the “Backup” tick box is ticked and then click OK.
All that’s left is to reboot your system, in order to apply the changes. You will be prompted to do so.
Once your system has rebooted, surf around for a while. If for whatever reason you feel your connection has been affected negatively, then fear not, for the changes you made can be undone. Start SG TCP Optimizer, click File and choose restore backed up settings. This will bring up a dialog box where you can navigate to where you downloaded the program. There, you will find a file with the extension .spg with a filename containing the date.
For example If you applied the changes on the 21st of February “sg_backup_2008-02-21-xxxx.spg” would be the filename, where the xxxx is any number. Once you find this file select it and press open. This should bring to a dialog box similar to the one shown above. Click OK and reboot. Your original settings are now restored.

Get Your Own Avast Antivirus 1 Year Genuine License For Free!

Hey guys,
Stop hunting for antivirus keys and license.
Here I am going to teach you how to get your own GENUINE Avast Antivirus 1 year license for free!

Here it goes - simple as 123!

1. Just visit this site.

Code: [Select] [nofollow]
2. Fill in your details there.

3. You'll recieve am email from avast. Follow the instructions.

So, thats it!
You are done!

EnjoY! :t

I hope you'll like it.

Get 6 Months Genuine License Key For Avira Premium Security Suite 10! (HURRY UP!)

Avira Premium Security Suite 10 is one of the most efficient security suites that makes you to forget about the security of your system if you are having it loaded in your system.
In order to prove their impact, Avira is currently offering us to Download Free Avira Premium Security Suite 10 With 6 Months License Key.

In process of the strategy, Avira of-course can't afford to provide their product with 6 month License key freely for entire world. So they have offered this offer in German version which can be changed to normal English version.

Here is the process that helps you download Free Avira Premium Security Suite 10 With 6 Months License Key

1. Visit Avira's Official German Promotional Page
Code: [Select] [nofollow]
http://www.avira.com/de/promotion-starmoneyAnd then click on the download button.

2. After Clicking on Download, you have to select destination folder and start downloading Avira Premium Security Suite 10. Then Double click on the setup file after downloading.
3. Select the Produckt testen option and then click on Next. If you face any errors(which is just because of the Windows Defender), even then click on Next.
4.Then you will notice a new pop-up dialog box 'Registrierung' . In Anrede field select 'Herr'. In Vorname (Your first name) and the Nachname (Your Last Name). Enter your valid email id in the next field Email wiederholen and click on Next.
5. Follwed by this, you will now notice a dialog box 'Ergnebis' which will display Your Name, Serial Number, and 184 day Subscription period. Click on Cancel and exit the installation process.
6. You will receive the subscription message to your Mail-ID, click on that link. You will be redirected to your account and there download  hbdev.key file.
7. Download Avira Premium Security Suite 10 and install it.
Code: [Select] [nofollow]
http://dlpe.antivir.com/package/wks_avira/win32/en/isec/avira_premium_security_suite_en.exeActivate it by clicking on option I already have a valid hbedv.key file.

Thats it, you are done.
You can Enjoy the entire 6 month Free License Key for Avira Premium Security Suite 10.

I hope you'll like it.

Send Free SMS To India Direct From Google Chrome :)

Today I Have Build A Google Chrome Extension To Send FREE SMS Anywhere In India ,Without Any Registration Without any Cost :) send Free SMS direct From Your GOOGLE CHROME web browser .
90% credit goes to foosms contact :)

Screen Shot
Here Is Link For extension
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Code: [Select] [nofollow]

Thnxxxx :bye 

Download TORRENT a new way - Direct Download

Hello dear friends,

Many people have daily habit to download torre*nts from different sites. We know that torre*nts downloading is illegal because most piracy is done on internet through torre*nts . Even it is most famous on internet and increasing its fan following and members day by day.

So in offices, schools, banks or any public areas there are administrative rights are disabled and they giving limited (standard) account.  So some places utorre*nt, bittorre*nt like torre*nt applications are strictly prohibited.

On @ that situation  what will you do if you want to download torre*nts..........?

So lets discuss about this interesting matter today.

We have 4 options.

1) Torrific : -  We all know about it.  So just leave it.

2) Fetch .io:  -  A few days before I shared this. This is also a good option. But nowdays its also not working.  The bittorre*nt option is currently disabled by them and their service become very slow now- a- days.   ( Sab members ne fetch io ki waat laga dali......  :lol: :lol: )

Now lets discuss about 2 new options.

3) bitlet.org : -    Bitlet.io  is an online torre*nt downloader which runs entirely in your web browser. It allows you to download files using bittorre*nt without having to install any other third party application.

Just visit this site.

Code: [Select]

1) Just put the url of any torre*nt file and click on download torre*nt.

2) Then it will open another window and take some time , says loading machine.

3) Then select target location where you want to save that file.

4) And start download

5) You can choose settings using settings option.

6) Remember You must have Java installed to use this facility.

Our 4th option is also very interesting.

4) torre*nt2exe:  -      This site also useful to download torre*nts online without using any third party application because they self developed their own torre*nt downloader file.

Code: [Select]
http://www.torre*nt2exe.com/  (remove * )

What do you want to do now.....?

1) Just go to their website.

2)Paste the url of your torre*nt which you want to download
browse that torre*nt if you have already downloaded in PC.

3)Select Normal size or Small  size, both have no such big difference.  Choose any option.

4) Click on Direct URL of the exe-file . They will create their own exe torre*nt setup file to download that torre*nt.

5) Press start download.

6) Download that small file which is in KB size

7) Save it on desktop. Now open that file.

8) Now when you open that file, a windows security alert appear.  Click on unblock.

9) Now your torre*nt exe is ready to download your torre*nt file.

See here.

10) You can pause or resume it according to your work time.

There are so many services are like this availabe on Internet. But mostly all are paid.  I am sharing you only free services which are do their job as good as possible.

I am not supporting piracy.  I am just sharing this knowledge purpose only that you all must know.

So friends how do you like this. Try and please reply.

use skype as a your facebook chat client application

:bye hi friend this is good new for us that skype has release his new version 5.5 it has inbuilt facility of facebook account and facebook chat so download and enjoy chating with your friends

i cannot put direct link to skype 5.5 because of errors.download from skype official site

DOCOMO Free Callertune Latest Hack ( July - August ) hack

Yes its true .. Docomo is been hacked again for free callertune ..

YOU Just simply dial one tall free number ...

Number - 543211914

There are lots of LOVE callertune ..and u can set it free of cost ..

LOTS of NEW and OLD songs and in so many language lyk gujarati hindi bangali english etc

So dont wait n njoy d HACK.
Posted By - Qd (King-hacker)

June 26, 2011

HOW TO USE PROXIFIER ..... Airtel Realince Idea Vodafone Bsnl Docomo

Step 1 : Download Proxifier Frm Itz Official Site, u can PM me for a s*rial number

Step 2 : Install Proxifier and register with the s*rial number

Step 3 : Launch Proxifier and click on the Options tab, then Proxy Settings

Step 4 : Next you have to add your new proxy so click on Add

Step 5 : Once you have found a new IP you have to Add it to Proxifier then press OK

( Copy and paste the full IP and port number, then tick whether it's a Http SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 proxy )

Step 6 : Now you have to check the IP to make sure it is still active

Step 7 : If the test was ok you now have to tick the IP you want to use then press OK

Step 8 : Congratz, you can now browse securely from different regions  :t :D

Step 9 : After you close Proxifier it will still run in your System Tray

( Right click on the Proxifier icon and Close to fully disable your proxy )

Remember that people can still find your true IP and MAC address if they really want to, it will just take them a lot longer when you are using a proxy or proxies, you can set up a proxy chain with multiple IPs if you want but once again it is not bulletproof and it will be very slow  ;) :dance

HeRE Is THE XROXY Site ScreenShot - Of Proxy List

Hope this helped you all, good luck OVeRLORD... :t




lets start it here,b4 u start all are needed the followings..
1.Facebook Account
2.Real mobile number
and a few chunks of your brain also. Embee is a facebook application that’s why you need to have a facebook account.

    * Login with your facebook account.
    * Then go to this link: http://www.embeemobile.com/fb/wallet/ [nofollow]
Start using Embee Mobile Now!. Install the application.
    * Next, verify your number. (cant be done on mobile)
    * Verify email. (cant be done on mobile too)
    * After doing that, you automatically will have a total of 12 embee points.
    * Click on Redeem Tab and complete offers for points.
    * Invite friends so you can also have Invite Bonus.



1.I personally do App Install Offers, those that requires only installing a facebook application. Its easy and accomplished on few clicks.

I also do Email Submission Offers, those that requires only submitting your email. Just use a dummy email for this if you want to avoid spam.

Also dont forget the Register and Play Offers, those that requires you to register and then play the web based game a little bit.

Some offers doesnt works, such as the surveys. Forget about it.

2.Earning Points on Computer.

It will be easier. You can even make your first payout within less than an hour by just following these steps.

Use a proxy changer. Why? So you can have a lot of Offers. What can you use? You can use Hide IP app, a VPN, or even a tunneling software like Usurf. Changing proxy is a little bit tedious because you have to find alive proxy. Ooops! Before I forget, I also greatly suggests using PaperBus. (just google it – it does some magic. Heheh)

When you already have a lot of offers. Do the offers I mentioned before.

Watch Videos, Play games, Download and Install are the best. I dont suggest those that requires your phone number, credit card or bank accounts. Just like the surveys, stay ayaw from them.

If you got a good internet connection partnered with your common sense-rich brain, you can achieve that required Embee points easily.

3.This tools can help you earn more embee points

   1.Elite Proxy Switcher(DOWNLOAD FRM HERE):http://elite-proxies.blogspot.com/
    2.Autofill Form(FIREFOX);https://addons.mozilla.org/af/firefox/addon/autofill-forms/ [nofollow]
     3.PROXY SITE;http://www.myiptest.com/staticpages/index.php/Free-Elite-Anonymous-Proxy-lists.html [nofollow]
     4.Fake Profile Info :

June 22, 2011

how to make super hidden files or folders

1. Open a command prompt

Click Start button-> select Run -> type "cmd" ( XP )

Click Start button-> type "cmd" in the seach box ( 7 )

2. Then press Enter

3. type "cd path_of_your_file" to go to place of your file
4. then type "dir" to view content of folder

5. then type "attrib +s +h file's_name" then press Enter
6. then view again with "dir" command

((** if u want show the hidden file just remove "+" and that place add "-"**))

Desktop shortcut for locking your computer

Creating a desktop shortcut for locking your comp!

If you use your computer in an area where others may have access to it, and there are things on your system you would rather have kept confidential, locking your desktop when you leave the computer is an essential task. Here’s a recipe for a desktop shortcut that will lock your computer in two easy clicks:

Right click on an empty area of the desktop and choose ‘new’ then ’shortcut.’ The create shortcut wizard will open; in the first text box, type ‘%windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation’ and then give your shortcut an appropriate name on the next page, and hit ‘finish.’

You will notice that the shortcut you created has a blank icon. To select a more appropriate one, right click on the shortcut and hit ‘properties.’ In the ’shortcut’ tab, click the ‘change icon’ button.

In the ‘look for icons in this file’ box, type ‘%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll’ then click ‘ok’ to see a range of icons for your new shortcut. Choose an appropriate icon. Your desktop locking shortcut is now ready for use. Test it out.

Remove Shortcut From Pen Drive

Click on "Start" -->Run --> type cmd and click on OK.
Here I assume your pen drive letter as G:
Enter this command.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*

You can copy the above command --> Right-click in the Command Prompt and
paste it.
Note : Don't forget to replace the letter g with your pen drive letter.
Now press "Enter".
Now check for your files and folder in Pen Drive.

100% DOCOMO 3G INTERNET SPEED! IN 2G data plan

hello frends many of you including me faces problem of speed capping or throting by docomo in 2g plans
at month ago i recharged my docomo sim with 48 and get 2 gb when i turn network to 3G it gives me 150+ speed,but after 7-8 days it blocks and speed capped to 16 kbps,
i tryied mi my freinds sim and it gives +150 speed and again it throts the speed,it means that it is
ip speed capping , network is capable of giveing speed but server refuses to go high becoz of ip ,and speed downs!

so i thinks that if we recharge to lowest 3G Recharge before the 48 recharge it shoulg geive me 3g speed ,so i done and ★eureka★speed rocks

trick is
recharge it with smallest 3G voucher and than  with 2g plan you will get 3g speed.

FORE MORE dial *141# and select 3g data plan select lowest data paln and.use 

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June 20, 2011

Login in XP without password

1) start computer
2) when it asks for
password press ctrl+alt
+delete keys twice
3) Now another window
opens asking for
4) in this at the place of
user name just type
administrator....leave the
password feild blank and
hit enter
5)wow u have logged in
as a normal user
6) now u hav full
authority only problem is
that u can't open my
document of the original
7) don't worry abt. this
just use any file recovery
softwere and move the
files from acess denied
my document to any
other folder (in other

June 19, 2011

Rename the 'start' button in xp.

First of all you'l need a software 'resource hacker' which is a freeware n u'l get it anywhere.

After that u'l have to follow these steps carefully.
Open the software,
1. File > open >c:\windows\explorer.exe

2. View > expand tree > string table > 37 > 1033 > 'double click' the 'start' and change accordingly.

3. After that click the 'compile scrip' option on the top of the open window.and save it as anything.exe

This was the first step. Now, get ready to entr in your system........

1. Goto 'run' and type regedit and press enter.

2. Once u get in it, goto
HKLM > software > microsoft > windows NT > CurrentVersion > [Winlogon]
After coming here goto the right hand side and double click on the 'shell' and chang the attribute to anything.exe which we've created b4. Now u'r done. Restart to c the change...... Thnx.

How to Super hide files and folders

Sometimes its necessary to hide our important files so that no one can access it, and im gona tel u how to do it, its nt that im going to select the 'hidden' attribute after viewing the properties of the file or folder.
 Its something realy difrnt 4m that, jst c.

First open notepad and type the folowing:

Attrib +s +h (full path of the file/folder)

And save it as anything.bat, u can sav it anywhere.
After that double click and run it.
Now your file or folder is hidden. U won't c it even if u show hidden files and folders from the folder option. And to show it again, all u hav to do is change the + sign to -

Eg: attrib +s +h c:\windows

Here, windows wil b hidden.

June 18, 2011

VoDaFone FiNally HaCkED for PC...!!

(Note: Now thr is no need of dis trick..cuz vodafone is now providing default PC usage..
I'll back wid a new voda trick soon :)

Heyaaa guyzzzzz..wazzup??? :) ;) :)

First of all..who told vodafone cant b fooled??? 8)

Well itz first and damn working trick of vodafone...
U can also call it

As u know dat voda is d fastest gprs provider all over nation!! :dance

Em getting 25-40 kbps download speed!!! 8) :D

NOw letz move to trick!! :)

VOdafone provide two type of gprs connection for d users:

1) Vodafone Live                (Wap,Handset based)
2) Vodafone Mobile connect    (Wap + Web,Handset and PC based)

Now we gonna hacked vodafone live for full net experience throughout PC!!

As wap plan(vodafone live plan) is nearly available evrywhr in india..
(for e.g. 98 unlimited browsing plan available in d circle of bihar and jharkkhand)

By this wap plan..we can browse unlimited in mobile..
bt only browse..not download!! :m

Now just hack it for pc and enjoy net experince wid unlimitd browsing and downloading.. 8) 8) :DD

just recharge ur mobile wid any wap plan available in ur circle and then
Connect ur mobile through
APN "portalnmms" to pc..

now U need a proxifier..(i have attached below wid key)

Just configure it to use

Proxy      -
Port        - 9401
Protocol   - HTTPS

Hey..u done it......now enjoy unlimitd browsing as well as downloading to PC..

Vodafone finally foooled!!!
:lol: :lol:

(note- after recharging,ur wap plan will get activated withing 4 hours..
sumtym we use earlier and loose balance...
so 4 hours k baad use karna!! :) :) ) :t
* Proxifier V 2.9!!!.rar (826.27 kB - downloaded 2276 times.)
* Full version key.txt (0.03 kB - downloaded 1275 times.)


Step 1 : Download Proxifier Frm Itz Official Site, u can PM me for a s*rial number

Step 2 : Install Proxifier and register with the s*rial number

Step 3 : Launch Proxifier and click on the Options tab, then Proxy Settings

Step 4 : Next you have to add your new proxy so click on Add

Step 5 : Once you have found a new IP you have to Add it to Proxifier then press OK

( Copy and paste the full IP and port number, then tick whether it's a Http SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 proxy )

Step 6 : Now you have to check the IP to make sure it is still active

Step 7 : If the test was ok you now have to tick the IP you want to use then press OK

Step 8 : Congratz, you can now browse securely from different regions  :t :D

Step 9 : After you close Proxifier it will still run in your System Tray

( Right click on the Proxifier icon and Close to fully disable your proxy )

Remember that people can still find your true IP and MAC address if they really want to, it will just take them a lot longer when you are using a proxy or proxies, you can set up a proxy chain with multiple IPs if you want but once again it is not bulletproof and it will be very slow  ;) :dance

HeRE Is THE XROXY Site ScreenShot - Of Proxy List

Hope this helped you all, good luck OVeRLORD... :t