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November 27, 2011

Prevent Ur Facebook Account from HACKERS

Note: Before we start this tutorial, make sure you are logged into your Facebook account. To log in, simply go to the Facebook homepage & at the top right you should type in your email & password.

Step 1:Navigate to the top right corner where the arrow for the drop down list will be listed. Click on that arrow, than click on "Account Settings".

Step 2: You should be directed to another page. Then look for the word "Email" on one of the tabs. Than move your mouse to the right and click on "Edit".

Step 3: When you have clicked on edit, you should be brought to a drop down menu. Depending on how many emails you have linked to your account, it will have those emails already there. If not, you will only have one email & that email is the current email your using to sign into your Facebook account.

Simply click on "Add another email". Next you should be able to add another email to your account. If you don't have another email to use than sign up at http://Gmail.com OR http://Hotmail.com & create a free email. Please note that the email you create will be used as an alternate email for your account.

After you enter your alternate email into the box. Type in your password to confirm it's you & click "Save Changes". After you're done saving your changes. Go to the mail of the email you added & confirm so that the email will be added onto your account permanently.

Note: Adding another email will help you confirm your identity just in-case your account is h@cked or you forgot your password. It can also be used for logging in.

Step 4: This is the most important step in the process of securing your account. Even if you deny this step & move on, I can assure you that you will be in high risk of getting h@cked.

Enter your current password into the first box. Next enter a brand new password that includes letters, numbers, symbols, etc. Below I will show you an example of what I mean.

Example: 7!GeNuinE!02$6:]p

That is an example of a secure password. This could also be known as a "Strong password" to some websites. The reason for choosing a password like this can be for many reasons. One reason being if someone is trying to bruteforce your password, it will take months, maybe even years to get the correct password for your account. And I doubt a person would take that much time out to hack your Facebook.

Step 5: This is the part where all of the security comes in at. On the left side you should see a bunch of tabs. Click on "Security".

Step 6: Follow the following steps slowly. Try your hardest not to miss anything below.
The other steps are either selected off as optional or is written for you to ignore. To learn more about these features click here.

Below I will explain what each option does & how they work.

Secure Browsing: Each link that is posted on your wall or sent VIA chat will have a warning before continuing to the actual link.

Login Notification: Each time your account is logged in, it will send you an email to notify you. This email will be sent to all of the emails that are active on your account.

Login Approvals: This feature will send you a text message with a code each time you try to login on another computer or different browser. Since my phone doesn't support short codes, I cannot use this feature. I recommend you use it if you have short codes. Also note that Facebook doesn't charge for each text, so standard text messages rates apply.

App Passwords: If you play application on Facebook than this feature will require a password to each application you try to play. I do not have this enabled because I don't play apps on Facebook.

Recognized Devices: On each computer that you first login on, it will prompt you to enter a ID. I would recommend a random name, such as Admin. It doesn't matter to be honest.

Active Sessions: Each time you login, a log will be added to this feature. You should check this everyday to see if your account is being used. If it is than simply click on "Edit" & then click on "Deactivate". It will log the user out of your account.

Step 7: This is the last step on securing your account. This step is also important. It will remove your email from your profile so it's on visible to you. Click here. The first option on the page is your email.

After you followed all of the step above, your account should be safe from h@ckers. The only way they would be able to get into your account is guessing your password and/or stealing your password by using any other method.
:dance :dance :dance I hoped this helped you a lot :dance :dance :dance :dance

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