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September 19, 2011

Hack Facebook, Email and Myspace Passwords | iStealers

What are Stealer's ?
It is a small software which steals passwords that are stored in our web browsers, chat apps such as yahoo messenger .etc , Stealer's then send these stolen passwords to the Hackers FTP server, Usually Stealer's  look like keyloggers but there are many differences, Stealer's steal only  passwords that stored in the web browsers they wont capture keystrokes typed by the user

Hack Email, Facebook and Myspace Passwords Using Istealer

Things We Need :- 

1. Istealer - To Steal victims stored passwords ,You can download Istealer from Here 

2. Ftp Account - Create a free ftp account from www.drivehq.com
3. Crypter - To Bypass Antivirus detection You can download free FUD Crypter from Here

 If you get an error saying COMDLG32.OCX  missing , Then Please download the missing OCX  from  Here
Procedure :-

1. First Download the Istealer Software from the link given above, extract the files using  winrar 
Note :- Your anti virus will start screaming saying its a virus , But its not a virus ,So please turn off your AV(antivirus) software's before extracting the files   

2.  After extracting the files open Istealer.exe Enter Host as "ftp.drivehq.com" without quotes ,Then enter your FTP accounts details (login name and password ) which you created earlier, check all options on the right hand side as shown

4. Now check "bind with another file " and select the file which you want to bind with the Istealer ,Then hit "change the icon " and change the icon as you wish, i have also include an  icon pack you can also use those icons. Finally select build and save the out put file 

Now we have successfully created our server file but it is detected by Av's as virus, so we have to Crypt our server file, so as to bypass antivirus detection , To do that follow the steps given below 

1. Download the Free FUD- Crypter software from the link given above , 

. Open the crypter Software , Select server file as the Istealer file you created ( file created in step 4) ,finally click crypt 
Now your istealer is totally  undetectable,Now simply send this file to your victim, when the victim opens it  he will only see the file or app which you binded in step 4, Mean while your istealer will install silently in the background, After which  it will send  logs (containing stored passwords form the victims browser)  to your ftp account, You can view your victims passwords by logging  into your ftp account ,By this way we are able to successfully  hack our victims Email, Facebook ,Myspace Passwords 

Note :- If there's no passwords in the browser then this hack wont work in that case you can try keylogging  method to hack passwords

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial for further doubts and clarification please pass your comments

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