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July 10, 2011

To Know When Your Friends UnFriends You On FACEBOOK

Is Your Facebook Friend List decreasing day by day? Want to know who is unfriending you on Facebook? Well, if you have a short list of Facebook friends then it will be easier for you to know who removed you from his/her friends list. But what if you have a very large friend connection list? You can't check it manually going through the long list! Here is a script which will help you know who has unfriended you on Facebook. It works on all major Browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari). If you're using Mozilla Firefox, then you first need to install GreaseMonkey Plugin from here. Now click on the link given below to install Unfriends Script:

When You click on the link, a script will install. You will see a pop up with text - 'Fetching Script' and after it closes, go to Facebook and sign in. After signing in you'll see a pop up like this:

Click on Next Till You see the next screenshot window

Now click on Next and then keep clicking on Next till you reach the last step that is 6th Step:
click on close and follow the next step

Now, click on close to close the pop up and reload the page or go to Facebook.com again. After that, look for 'Unfriends' in the Left Sidebar(see screenshot):
You can Find Unfriends Link on The Left Sidebar

When you click on 'Unfriends', you'll find the names of Friends who have unfriended you. Note that it will not generate the names who have previously unfriended you (before installing this script). Now wait for someone to unfriend you and then a message will pop up informing you that one of your friend has unfriended you on Facebook. You can now view the list of friends who have unfriended you by clicking on the Left Sidebar Link - 'Unfriends'. To show you a demo, I created a new Facebook Account, and from it I sent a friend request to my original account. After that, from my original account I accepted that friend requested. To check whether 'Unfriends' Script is working or not, I unfriended my original profile from my new Facebook Account and then went back to my original Facebook account where I had previously installed this script. I saw a notification and then clicked on 'Unfriends' to know who has unfriended me:

The Notification you get when someone unfriends you on Facebook

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