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July 22, 2011

How to Identify the Fake Email Id

Identifying the Fake Email Id

Do you know that it is possible to mail to a person using any person’s email id? It is done using the PHP script. Besides, many invalid IDs are used for the hacking purpose. Hackers use these IDs to get personal information from any people and then use those for illegal purposed. So we will have to know how to find out or identify these fake IDs. In this post, I am trying to give you a small guideline on this topic.

The fake emails can come to you saying anything attractive. See the following screenshot.

Here, an email has been received from a fake email address. Although it is very tough to identify such type of fake email address, you can follow some methods to perform that. One method is sending mail to that person and the second method is to use the web service.

If you suspect any email address, then just send a reply to that email address. If that email address becomes fake and has no existence, then a failure message will come to you through which you can become sure about that email address.

Email address check is a very good email checker service though which you can easily check the validity of any email address. This is a very easy process. Just go to this site (http://tools.email-checker.com/). Then you will get a page where there is an input field for email address. Just put your email address there and click on the button named “Check..” The screenshot is given below.

If the email address is valid, then you will a see a result below the input box. If the email address is valid then you will see a green tick marked icon before the email address and if the email address is invalid then you will see a cross marked icon before the email address. See the following screenshots. In the first screenshot, a valid email address is shown and in the second screenshot an invalid email address is shown.

Here you will have to remember a thing. You can check total 3 email addresses in 24 hours using this website with one IP. If you use proxy, then that is different thing. 

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