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July 16, 2011

GooglePlus (G+) status with FACEBOOK - Sync

Sync your Google+ (Google Plus) status with Facebook ?

How to sync G+ status with FB ( Facebook ) ? 

So are you on Google+ yet ? If you are already there and lucky enough to get invitation from Google or any of your friend, you might want to sync your g+ status with facebook, because some of you still don’t want to loose facebook also :)
Although, till todate, Google has not come up with any of the G+ API (they will come soon), but still there is way to sync the Google Plus status with facebook or even twitter ? :)

Yes, all you have to do :

Step 1: Go to http://facebook.com/mobile and get your personalized email address which can be used to post pic and post statuses on the facebook. (This is something which is private for you)

Step 2: Go to https://plus.google.com/ and go to the section where you can invite your friends to your G+ profile. This section can be seen usually on top right corner of G+ main page.

Step 3: Click on “Add a New Person” and write your personalized  facebook email address which you got in Step 1.

Step 4: Drag this address to the circle below to create a new circle, since this email address cannot be seen publicly, so you need to create a new circle which should be hidden by others. You can do all privacy settings about circles, by going into the Privacy options in

Step 5: You are all set, now whenever you are updating your status at Google+, include your hidden circle that contins the facebook email and check the box which says ‘Also emil xxx people’ . Since your facebook email is not using Google+ so your status will be sent to facebook via this email.

Cool ? … yes … till you get any plugin or any other tweaks by developers, I think this is enough for you.

You can do the same steps for other social network also. For example: http://ping.fm offers you to update status on several networks via one personalized email address. You can use ping.fm for your G+ – Twitter sync as well.

Make sure you care about ‘Privacy’.

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