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July 10, 2011

Google Plus Opening For SignUP, But NOT For Those who Under 18

Google Plus is now open for signup to everyone with a Google Account, but Google is not allowing those under 18 to sign up. One of Google's employee said that Google is still working on privacy options and that's why the signup is restricted to people of specific age.
If you're under eighteen, and want to signup, then you can't! And if you just switched to another tab to change your age in Google Accounts, then don't waste your time! Because there's no option to change the age. To test, I signed up for another Google Account, but I was amazed to see that there was no option to select Date of Birth or Year of Birth or any thing similar which can make Google know our age. If you can't set your age in during signup, and if there's no option to select age in Google Accounts, then how can Google know how much years old is a person with a Google Account?

I have found many people in Google Forums saying that they are above 18 (some are 45!), but still they are not allowed to Signup on Google Plus + . Well, this proves that the ages set by Google aren't accurate at all! Here is post by a Google Account user who complains that Google is blocking him from using Plus, but he is over 18!

Is My Age in My YouTube Account Same as My Age in Google Account?
Well, if you have a YouTube Account and the age you have set your age as above 18, then also you can't sign in to Google Plus. Many people say that if YouTube is Connected to Google, then Google will take your age in YouTube as the your original age. If this is how Google Works, then why didn't Google allow me to sign up for a Google Plus Account when I created a new Google Account, and set the age in YouTube Account as 25?

So, What To Do Next?
You can't do anything to change your age. All you can do is sit back and wait for Google Plus + to be fully launched and then only you can sign up. If you are facing the same problem then do drop in your comments.

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