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June 18, 2011

VoDaFone FiNally HaCkED for PC...!!

(Note: Now thr is no need of dis trick..cuz vodafone is now providing default PC usage..
I'll back wid a new voda trick soon :)

Heyaaa guyzzzzz..wazzup??? :) ;) :)

First of all..who told vodafone cant b fooled??? 8)

Well itz first and damn working trick of vodafone...
U can also call it

As u know dat voda is d fastest gprs provider all over nation!! :dance

Em getting 25-40 kbps download speed!!! 8) :D

NOw letz move to trick!! :)

VOdafone provide two type of gprs connection for d users:

1) Vodafone Live                (Wap,Handset based)
2) Vodafone Mobile connect    (Wap + Web,Handset and PC based)

Now we gonna hacked vodafone live for full net experience throughout PC!!

As wap plan(vodafone live plan) is nearly available evrywhr in india..
(for e.g. 98 unlimited browsing plan available in d circle of bihar and jharkkhand)

By this wap plan..we can browse unlimited in mobile..
bt only browse..not download!! :m

Now just hack it for pc and enjoy net experince wid unlimitd browsing and downloading.. 8) 8) :DD

just recharge ur mobile wid any wap plan available in ur circle and then
Connect ur mobile through
APN "portalnmms" to pc..

now U need a proxifier..(i have attached below wid key)

Just configure it to use

Proxy      -
Port        - 9401
Protocol   - HTTPS

Hey..u done it......now enjoy unlimitd browsing as well as downloading to PC..

Vodafone finally foooled!!!
:lol: :lol:

(note- after recharging,ur wap plan will get activated withing 4 hours..
sumtym we use earlier and loose balance...
so 4 hours k baad use karna!! :) :) ) :t
* Proxifier V 2.9!!!.rar (826.27 kB - downloaded 2276 times.)
* Full version key.txt (0.03 kB - downloaded 1275 times.)


Step 1 : Download Proxifier Frm Itz Official Site, u can PM me for a s*rial number

Step 2 : Install Proxifier and register with the s*rial number

Step 3 : Launch Proxifier and click on the Options tab, then Proxy Settings

Step 4 : Next you have to add your new proxy so click on Add

Step 5 : Once you have found a new IP you have to Add it to Proxifier then press OK

( Copy and paste the full IP and port number, then tick whether it's a Http SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 proxy )

Step 6 : Now you have to check the IP to make sure it is still active

Step 7 : If the test was ok you now have to tick the IP you want to use then press OK

Step 8 : Congratz, you can now browse securely from different regions  :t :D

Step 9 : After you close Proxifier it will still run in your System Tray

( Right click on the Proxifier icon and Close to fully disable your proxy )

Remember that people can still find your true IP and MAC address if they really want to, it will just take them a lot longer when you are using a proxy or proxies, you can set up a proxy chain with multiple IPs if you want but once again it is not bulletproof and it will be very slow  ;) :dance

HeRE Is THE XROXY Site ScreenShot - Of Proxy List

Hope this helped you all, good luck OVeRLORD... :t

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