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June 19, 2011

Rename the 'start' button in xp.

First of all you'l need a software 'resource hacker' which is a freeware n u'l get it anywhere.

After that u'l have to follow these steps carefully.
Open the software,
1. File > open >c:\windows\explorer.exe

2. View > expand tree > string table > 37 > 1033 > 'double click' the 'start' and change accordingly.

3. After that click the 'compile scrip' option on the top of the open window.and save it as anything.exe

This was the first step. Now, get ready to entr in your system........

1. Goto 'run' and type regedit and press enter.

2. Once u get in it, goto
HKLM > software > microsoft > windows NT > CurrentVersion > [Winlogon]
After coming here goto the right hand side and double click on the 'shell' and chang the attribute to anything.exe which we've created b4. Now u'r done. Restart to c the change...... Thnx.

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