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June 26, 2011

HOW TO USE PROXIFIER ..... Airtel Realince Idea Vodafone Bsnl Docomo

Step 1 : Download Proxifier Frm Itz Official Site, u can PM me for a s*rial number

Step 2 : Install Proxifier and register with the s*rial number

Step 3 : Launch Proxifier and click on the Options tab, then Proxy Settings

Step 4 : Next you have to add your new proxy so click on Add

Step 5 : Once you have found a new IP you have to Add it to Proxifier then press OK

( Copy and paste the full IP and port number, then tick whether it's a Http SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 proxy )

Step 6 : Now you have to check the IP to make sure it is still active

Step 7 : If the test was ok you now have to tick the IP you want to use then press OK

Step 8 : Congratz, you can now browse securely from different regions  :t :D

Step 9 : After you close Proxifier it will still run in your System Tray

( Right click on the Proxifier icon and Close to fully disable your proxy )

Remember that people can still find your true IP and MAC address if they really want to, it will just take them a lot longer when you are using a proxy or proxies, you can set up a proxy chain with multiple IPs if you want but once again it is not bulletproof and it will be very slow  ;) :dance

HeRE Is THE XROXY Site ScreenShot - Of Proxy List

Hope this helped you all, good luck OVeRLORD... :t

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