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June 06, 2011

5 Steps To Avoid Suspension Of Your Facebook Page

5 Steps To Avoid Suspension Of Your Facebook Page

                            Over the passed day or two I have been bogged down by the news that Facebook apparently happened to suspend two of the Pages I administer. They had over 11k & 20k members respectively with a massive response each time someone updated them. I looked after the day-to-day proceedings of the former with keen interest, so it goes without saying that the news was a huge set back for me.

I’ve since spent frantic amount of time looking for all plausible ways to tackle this unprecedented problem in the ‘pseudo-real’ world called Facebook. Thought it would be best if I shared them with you. It’s my first attempt at blogging anything related to Social Media, so please do pardon my drift!

Here are 5 means adhering to which you can either avoid the suspension completely or face it heads on:

1. The suspension could be a result of sending too many invites to ‘Like’ or ‘Join’ the page, by the different Admins who manage the Page. It is a concurrent problem & Facebook does this to curb down on frequent spammers.

2. Strict vigilance should be maintained in ensuring that at no point the content of the links/updates are harmful (read: offensive) to any part of the audience. For e.g.. Sharing restricted content with everyone, including minors, is a big no-no. Stern action should be expected in case of a breach. The entire set of Terms & Conditions laid down by Facebook can be read by clicking here.

3. Facebook also encourages use of at least one of its analytics/widgets on the Page. It can be a ‘Like’ widget on the side-bar or something similar. You can download the plug-in by clicking this.

4. Another thing worth noting is that links shared in the Profile Box should always be in the fb.me loop or in their original forms. Using any other 3rd party link shortner like bit.ly, ow.ly can lead to Facebook spamming your page for spreading dubious links.

5. Verifying your status as the Admin of the Page & proving your allegiance to its objective is very important. Failing which leads to suspension & Facebook marks the blog as a non-official source which can moderate facts as per its liking & present it in a harmful (read: objectionable) manner.

Now if by any chance you missed out on any of the above & find your Page partially suspended (ie You are no more allowed to update the Page), these 2 ways should be of some help:

1. If your page was disabled due to violating the FB terms of use, use this form to appeal.
2. Try to have a look at the discussion here. Hope some of the info helps.

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