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May 14, 2011

New Free Airtel 2G-3G , Docomo 2G-3G On PC Using Hostizzle And OpenVPN

Hello Friends,
Sorry For My Prolonged Absence On Forum But i hope you all with cope with me Till 12th May
As You All Must be knowing that AirVPN And PD Proxy Both have started to Encounter Some Problems
so  i am sharing with you another udp tunnel provider Hostizzle
Tools Which we are going to Need

1.Open VPN
You can Download it From Here Click Here To Download Open VPN Client

2.Now First You have To Register And Download Your Config File From Here
Click here to Register And Download Hostizzle Config No Registration Required

3.Now After You Have Downloaded The Config FIle Extract it to the Folder
C:\Program Files\Open Vpn\data\config\
[C:\ may change according to drive on which windows is installed]

Now edit the ***.ovpn filke extracted by text editor


proto tcp with proto udp
80 wirh 53
1194 to 53
443 to 53

and now Run Open VPN GUI and click on Connect

Whoa your free internet is ready to use

here's a link for sample config file if you face any doubts
Click here to Download Sample Config File

Note : Balance Must Be Less
Zero in Airtel
and 1 or 2 rs in Docomo

Connect PCs TO apn
airtelgprs.com for Airtel Users
tata.docomo.internet for docomo users

Trick Can Be USed ON 2G as well as 3 G Network

Limits:Bandwith LImit of 100GB Per Month
Config File has to be Freshly Downloaded Every Month

Thank YOU

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